What Does Cooperation Agreement Mean

Key Takeaways 1. Subsidies and cooperation agreements are very similar. 2. The differences lie in the details of implementation (i.e., cooperation agreements are accompanied by « substantial participation » by the federal agency). 3. There are also legal implications of these different agreements, so read the agreements carefully and discuss them with the lawyers. D. Cooperation Agreement: The defendant undertakes to cooperate fully with the government and all other federal, regional or local law enforcement agencies, as ordered by the government. As stated in this agreement, « cooperation » requires the defendant to: (1) answer all questions truthfully and comprehensively, whether in interviews, correspondence, telephone conversations, before a grand jury or in a trial or other judicial proceeding; (2) participate in all meetings, Grand Jury meetings, trials and other proceedings in which the presence of the defendant is requested by the government or imposed by subpoena or court order; (3) voluntarily provide all documents, recordings or physical evidence requested by the Government; (4) no involvement in criminal activities during cooperation with the government; and (5) to disclose to the government the existence and status of all funds, of any kind of property, derived from the defendant`s illicit activities or the unlawful activities of the conspirators, or which are used to facilitate the investigation of the defendant`s incriminated acts. A co-operative agreement « distinguishes itself from a grant in that it provides for substantial participation between the federal granting agency or the passport unit and the non-federal agency in the exercise of the activity under the federal award. » The question now is: What is a « substantial commitment » from the federal government? Cooperation agreements and grants are « a legal instrument of financial support between a federal agency or passport unit and a non-federal unit » within the meaning of the single OMB guidelines (200.24 for cooperation agreements and 200.51 euros for subsidy agreements).