Warrant Assignment Agreement

Subject to the provisions of this guarantor and the receipt by the company of the necessary insurance and agreements, in the event of the surrender of this warrant to the company with the Warrant Assignment Form and the sufficient means for the payment of a transfer tax, the company will export and deliver at no additional cost a new warrant on behalf of the agent concerned in this deed of transfer. , and this warrant will be immediately repealed. Subject to the above sentence, when this witness is delivered to the company, the company, accompanied by the warrant Assignment Form, duly executed, grants a new guarantee on behalf of the agent or agent named in this transfer group and, if the interest of the holder is not allocated, is withdrawn in the name of the holder and that warrant is immediately cancelled. . This arrest warrant is transferable in whole or in part, at the warrant Holder`s choice after the delivery of the Assignment Warrant Form, which is in Appendix B, and is executed correctly. The registration of a new owner is made with the presentation of this warrant to the company in its offices, at the same time as the Warrant Assignment Form attached here.