Passenger General Sales Agency Agreement Iata

The IATA Passenger Agency Program is a comprehensive program (excluding the United States) to promote and facilitate the orderly promotion, distribution and sale of international air traffic through a network of accredited agents. It is managed in a neutral, efficient and cost-effective manner, based on established industry standards and business procedures that serve the interests of passengers, airlines and agents. PAConf is the body responsible for overseeing the overall policy development and determining the rules for reporting and settling sales of the IATA Passenger Agency program. This program brings several benefits to the industry and supports the distribution of the airline`s products worldwide by managing more than 60,000 IATA Accredited Agent sites with a single contract. Where possible, IATA also facilitates the billing and settlement plan and charges more than $240 billion per year through a recognized network of retail stores through the accreditation process. The GNP is open to all airlines. The Conference of Passenger Transport Agencies (also known as « PAConf » or « conference ») consists of all IATA member airlines.