Greenwich Council Party Wall Agreement

An agreement with your neighbour under the law does not exempt the possible need for a building permit or building permit. They are legally obliged to communicate to all shoreline owners the proposed works, which structurally concern the party wall, or excavations near the wall. If you start working without notice, the adjacent owner can appeal to the court. They must not cause unnecessary inconvenience and must compensate for damage to buildings and property. Our neighbours are asking for building permits to hit an old crop and build a new one. On the same day, we received a letter from Greenwich Council informing us that we had also received a letter from a company specializing in party wall objects. They say they can act for us at the expense of our neighbour to ensure that the damage caused is paid for by the neighbours. That`s right? And if so, someone can recommend a local person or a business that we could use. Thank you very much. For the purposes of the act, there are two main types of partisan partitions. These are called the « party wall » and « party fence wall. » If you have discussed the proposals with your neighbour but have not reached an agreement, an expert must be appointed. This should be a qualified person with experience in party management.

It is more likely that your neighbour will accept an « agreed surveyor » if that person is not related to the design or monitoring of your work. An institution such as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors will provide you with a list of local surveyors. The best way to resolve all differences is through a friendly discussion and each written agreement. If this is not possible, an « agreed surveyor » is collectively referred to as a predator for the two neighbours. Otherwise, each neighbour will have to appoint its own expert and these two evaluators will appoint a third expert who will only be referred if the two evaluators fail to agree. At least two months before the planned start of work on the party wall, or one month when it comes to excavation work near adjacent buildings. The notice is valid for one year. You will find letter templates and other information to inform in the explanatory brochure of the party wall. Wooden fences are not included as « party wall fence, » but garden walls are.

Examples of tasks that involve a « party wall »: we will evaluate the plans and conduct on-site visits during the work. As long as the work is done, as the approved plans show, you will probably follow the rules.