Eupa Agreement

(a) Unless otherwise signed in this agreement, this agreement or the licenses granted under this agreement (i) may be denounced by the reciprocal written agreement of SonicWall and the Client, or (ii) by one of the parties for a violation of that agreement by the other party (or a third party) that the aggrieved party does not terminate the appropriate satisfaction of the uninjured party within thirty (30) days of receipt of the notification of the infringement. The customer understands and accepts that SonicWall may immediately terminate or suspend access to the products (in addition to any other rights or remedies I may have), if it has not received payment from the customer or a partner from whom the Customer has acquired or paid money due to SonicWall, or if the customer and/or partner has otherwise breached any of the provisions of that agreement or agreement with SonicWall. The customer will not have any recourse or other action against SonicWall due to such termination or suspension. 15. Protected data. For the purposes of this section, « protected data » is defined as any information or data; that the customer makes available to SonicWall during this Contract, which relates, alone or in conjunction with other information, to an identified or identifiable individual or to data considered personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act, and « data protection laws » are all applicable laws, laws, policies or rules relating to privacy, data protection, security obligations in the security of information and/or the processing of protected data. SonicWall will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized disclosure or access to third-party protected data and will retain and process only the protected data necessary to carry out its obligations under this Agreement, except as required by data protection legislation or legal procedures. If SonicWall complies with the Customer`s written instructions regarding protected data, SonicWall will not be held liable to the customer for a violation of this section resulting from such compliance. SonicWall will immediately notify the Customer of any disclosure or access to third-party protected data in the event of significant breaches in this section and will cooperate with the Customer to appropriately remedy the effects of such disclosure or access. SonicWall also confirms to the customer that it has appropriate agreements containing the EU`s standard contractual clauses for the transfer of protected data from the European Union (« EU ») to a third country. The customer heresafter (i) declares that he has the right to send the protected data to SonicWall, (ii) SonicWall`s agreement to retain and use the protected data worldwide for the performance of his obligations under this contract; (iii) agrees: that the protected data of SonicWall and its representatives can be accessed and used worldwide, as may be necessary to support SonicWall`s standard activity, and (iv) agrees that protected data, which consists of customer contact information (.

B, for example, email addresses, names) provided as part of maintenance services, can be sent by SonicWall to third parties in SonicWall as part of service improvement processes.